In order to provide the best and purest skincare products, we have moved our skincare lab from Paris city center to the swiss mountains where we purchased land to grow our own organic plants and ingredients, ensuring we always have the highest quality ingredients.


Our VITAMIN GLOW CREME MAGIQUE is made with our luscious apricot kernal oil, which is cold-pressed and unrefined, made with our delicous apricots, grown high on a Swiss mountain in the region of VALAIS, SWITZERLAND.

This is the oil used to produce our super rich and luxurious face cream. Loaded with vitamin A and D, VITAMIN GLOW CREME MAGIQUE aids in protecting your skin against damage caused by UV rays, stimulates production of collegen and self-regeneration.

Vitamin A is excellent for improving skin elasticity, and our apricot kernal oil facilitates protection of your skin against toxins, lightens unwanted blemishes, and helps to create a stunningly youthful and healthy GLOW.